2023-11-27 - PRESS RELEASE

GH2 obtains state support for its electrochemical plant project on the Ambès peninsula

GH2 obtains state support for its electrochemical plant project on the Ambès peninsula

November 27th, 2023 – In response to the call for projects “Resilience and Agrifood Capacities

2030” from France 2030, GH2's proposal for its Bordeaux project was the subject of an

examination by a committee of independent experts who submitted its conclusions to the State:

the high quality of the project was underlined.

Our GH2 Ambès project is thus allocated, by decision of the Prime Minister, a participation from

France 2030 to help it finance the development studies necessary for making the final decision to


Franck Chessé, President of GH2, indicates: “We are honored and happy with this support from

the French government for the development of our project for a new innovative and sustainable

factory in New Aquitaine region. This recognition reinforces our project in its structuring and allows

us to accelerate our current fundraising. It reinforces our position as a new player in low-carbon

reindustrialization in France. »

GH2 is thus accelerating its development on the Ambès peninsula, north of Bordeaux, of a new

plant for the production of low carbon and renewable hydrogen by electrolysis of water,

transformed directly on site into ammonia intended initially for the chemical industry and in

particular the production of nitrogen fertilizers, used for wheat cultivation.

From its first phase of 100MW of electrolysis, the plant will create nearly 50 direct sustainable

jobs, to which will be added indirect jobs created throughout the regional industrial sector.

About GH2:

GH2 is a leading designer, structurer and developer renewable energy assets and electrochemical

installations for the production, use and valorization of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen in

Europe and North Africa.